Co-Working During the COVID-19 Pandemic

SparkTown Law Chambers aims to be a community that is safe in all respects. We are mindful that everyone has differing levels of comfort during these difficult times, and are working to ensure that our co-working space is safe for all of our residents and their guests. 

Working from our law chambers has a number of benefits in comparison to other possibilities. We are a second-floor walkup, so you don’t have to take the elevators if you don’t want to. Being in a smaller historical building also means that there are fewer people using the building common areas.

The population at SparkTown Law Chambers is also quite small to begin with, and we are monitoring daily attendance to make sure that not too many people come in on the same day. Most of our residents have private offices, and those who don’t are using meeting rooms predominantly or are staying the day in one of our other workspaces.

In addition to these natural benefits of SparkTown, we are taking a number of steps to ensure that if residents need to come into the office (or want to in order to, for instance, escape the cat or the siren call of the refrigerator for the day) they can do so in comfort and safety. Some of the steps that we have taken during these times include:

  • Stepped up cleaning of common areas
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfecting spray in all meeting areas and common areas (kind of a no-brainer, this one)
  • Adding a plexiglass shield at reception so that guests feel welcome and safe
  • Making masks available to guests or residents (in case you forget yours in the car)
  • Ensuring a 15 minute interval between meeting room meetings to allow time for proper cleaning
  • Monitoring daily attendance of residents at the office
  • Clarifying that failing to maintain social distancing or to respect one another’s comfort zone and personal space is a breach of the No Asshole Policy
We have also posted our Covid-19 Health and Safety Guidelines around the office to remind people to be safe and considerate.