Our Space

When we took on the space that was to become SparkTown Law Chambers, it was a blank slate.

We worked hard with the fabulous folks at Kirsh Design to bring to life our vision of how a law office could work without draining the souls of those who work there. Many lawyers enjoy their jobs, but hate going to work. SparkTown aims to correct that by providing a community of like-minded legal professionals with a cool space to work in, a variety of ways to work, and a balance of social activities to round things out.

SparkTown is the result. 

Based on the principles of agile workspaces, SparkTown Law Chambers is the perfect place to base your law practice. Old on the outside (The Traders Bank Building was built in 1906) but modern on the inside, our offices are bright, colourful, spacious, functional, and comfortable. 

No other law chambers can match SparkTown. Just ask BlogTO, which has us as the only law chambers on the list of the Top 10 Co-working Spaces in the Financial District and the Top 25 Co-working Spaces in Downtown Toronto.



The Building

Agile Working